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We plan, develop and manage your blockchain oriented projects.

Combine your physical item with the blockchain and make it fraud proof with the benefits of the blockchain and NFC technology!


We use NFC to protect your product against any undesired copying. Every time you scan the chip it generates a one time token which is not replicable and 100% unique.


The one time token leads you to the authenticity checkup, which analyses if the token is genuine. This offers the possibility to protect your product from duplicates.

Ownership Possibilities

This offers the possibility to give owners access to certain areas, which are only accessible due to their ownership.
Completely new post- sell opportunities are now available.

Product Value

The combination of your item with the blockchain makes your product even more special for your customers and the secondary market.

How can we help you?

Use Cases

The digitization of your physical product offers many significant opportunities.


Set an example against counterfeiters with the help of NFC technology. Once the chip is on, there is only one genuine product left.


Authenticity verification has a lot of potential, especially for rare and pricy products. Reduced-quantity editions can thus become even more exciting.

Communication Channel

Give your physical product a virtual purpose and create an advantage for the owners.

Access to Blockchain

Earn from Secondary Trading

Data Transparancy & Additional Information

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Crypto stamp Österreichische Post AG

The Crypto stamp is a paperstamp in the shape of a credit card. Each stamp comes with a digital twin in the blockchain, a NFT with a unique digital color which is only revealed after activation. Quantitiy: total 600.000+ stamps and NFTs issued on Ethereum, xDai and Polygon networks.

Golden Whale Crypto stamp Österreichische Post AG

The Golden Whale Crypto stamp is a physical stamp in the shape of a credit card with a 1g gold bar inside. Each stamp comes with a digital twin in the Blockchain. Quantitiy: Limited Edition 1.000 pcs

Government Tech Prize United Arab Emirates Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

The Government Tech Prize is awarded annually at the Government World Summit in Dubai, UAE. The physical award has a digital Twin (NFT) in the Blockchain and is secured by a NFC chip in the base.

Golden Jubilee NFT Stamp Emirates Post Group

A physical stamp connected to a NFT for the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates. Each stamp holds a NFT and a secret video message that can only be viewed if the stamps internal chip is scanned and verified.

Physical Art as NFT, secured with a chip John Petschinger, Artist

John Petschinger's Art is unique. As are the NFTs that come with it. We are connecting both worlds with a secure NFC chip which is embedded into the artwork itself.

Timeless Reflections Schiele NFT Leopold Museum Vienna, Austria

A physical NFT Box for each NFT of the world famous artist Egon Schiele’s collection „Timeless Reflections“. A Collection of 13 unique masterpieces of the original artwork in cooperation with the Leopoldmuseum Vienna, Austria. Each NFT Box contains a physical copy of the artpiece, a set of stamps and is secured with a NFC chip for authenticity check and NFT owner status.

Augmented Reality NFT Ashburner's Premium Gin

Each GIN Bottle comes with a chip for authenticiy verification and activiation of unique and rare 3D augmented Reality NFTs. Once the Bottle is opened, the phoenix is released and can be viewed trough every smartphone with camera.

Print on Demand Tokapi NFT marketplace

Tokapi is a marketplace for NFTs. All users and owners of NFTs can order their physical items with a built in print on demand NFT service. Each item is secured with a NFC chip for verification.

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