Twigitals conquers New York City

Big Apple, here we come!
We will be in New York from 20.-23.06. for the NFT.NYC!

After a great start in Dubai at the Expo2020 in March we are now very excited to show New York City what we can do!

Last November we were there as guests, this time around we are represented at the NFT.NYC with our new blockchain brand Twigitals.
Our location: Marriott Marquis Level 5, Space Number: 163, Space Code: M5C163.
Our CEO Michael Dorner will also give a presentation.

The New York Times calls this event „Woodstock“

For this event we made our new brand socially acceptable in record time, created the logo, corporate identity and much more that would otherwise have been created gradually over the course of the year and kept the whole team on alert for several months.

We are proud to present great new projects and products from Twigitals in New York and look forward to the feedback from the crypto community.

Stay tuned – after the event we will report in detail!

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