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Sam Fischer – Co-Founder of Twigitals talked about the possibilities of NFTs & the Blockchain

Last Wednesday, Sam Fischer, the co-founder, production manager and project manager of Twigitals, gave an in-depth presentation on the possibilities of connecting the digital and physical world at the weekly blockchain networking event Block & Wine in Vienna.

What is a „Phygital“?
What can it do and what is it good for?
What is possible?
How do we implement it and what do we offer?

The blockchain and NFTs and their possible applications were briefly presented and as a well-known example of a phygital experience Pokemon Go! was introduced, which connects both worlds with the help of augmented reality and recorded around 160 million players in 2020.

He then presented other possible combinations of the digital and physical world like QR codes, virtual reality and NFC technology.

Our own NFT, the „Varicorn“ was presented.

Here, too, both worlds are connected:
There are 999 NFTs and 999 framed art prints as the associated Phygital, which are connected with NFC technology.

The write- and copy-protected chip certifies the authenticity of the print and the chip destroys itself in the event of physical manipulation and is therefore completely counterfeit-proof.

The integrated NFC chip can be scanned with any smartphone and the stored data on the NFT, current owner, etc. can be read out instantly.

Other areas of application such as merchandise and clothing and integration into the metaverse or augmented reality were also discussed at the event.

Our product categories were presented and explained:

  • Tokenization of assets
  • Product verification
  • Print-on-demand
  • Card wallet

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