Timeless Reflections

The Egon Schiele NFT Collection of the Leopold Museum
The Leopold Museum's answer to the digitization process of the art world driven by the Corona pandemic

In cooperation with the NFT platform LaCollection, Österreichische Post AG and Twigitals, the Leopold Museum has published 24 works by Egon Schiele as NFTs.

Through this process, the works can now be preserved permanently in the digital world and are more easily accessible to people from all over the world.

The digital twins of the Schiele paintings were divided into three categories according to the number of copies: 

  • Three of the works have been classified in the „Ultra Rare“ category and will thus be auctioned with an exclusive edition of two NFT originals. The starting price of these works is set at 100,000 euros.
  • For the „Super Rare“ category, 9 artworks were selected and each transformed into ten NFTs. These works will be called out and auctioned for 15,000 euros.
  • The eleven „rares“ can be purchased in a time-limited open edition of up to 100 pieces per work for 499 euros each.
  • The rediscovered painting „Leopold Czihaczek at the Piano“ can be purchased as a „Special Rare“ for 999 euros – even before the original work is permanently on display in the museum.

One NFT of each work will remain in the Leopold Museum’s possession.

The proceeds from the auctions will go towards the restoration and maintenance of the museum’s collection.

The accompanying box with memorabilia
– the „Phygital“ by Twigitals

In order to have a physical product in hand when purchasing such an NFT, we have developed a high-quality Egon Schiele Box as Phygital. With this box we bring the art NFTs back into the physical world.

The box serves as a physical title deed for the purchased NFT with additional goodies. A chip is integrated into the badge, which reads the authenticity and the current owner (wallet) of the NFT.

The entire Phygital is made from 100% recycled materials!

The box itself is made from recycled paper and cardboard, the panels are made from recycled MDF and the plexiglass used is also recycled. In order to be able to offer the Art-NFT a really high-quality and noble frame, the box and plaque were produced in-house by our sister company Variuscard in digital printing and with highlights in gold foil, white printing and partially transparent UV relief printing.

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